I love this topic and I definitely learned a lot. 

1. Metacognition

I just realized that I am engaged in some metacognitive activities everyday, especially when I started in UP. I learned the following:

First, activities such as planning how to approach a given learning task, monitoring comprehension, and evaluating progress toward the completion of a task are metacognitive in nature. – I came into conclusion that every time I tried to cook a new recipe every Saturday was a metacognitive task. I was able to recognize that some of the tasks that I did in the BPO industry in a correspondence department were absolutely metacognitive. What I only knew that time was what we simply call “processes”.

Second, effective learning is not just a matter of innate intelligence. – Teachers can help young children to develop some of the metacognitive skills/strategies of successful learning. With this, I am able to have the opportunity to learn more about metacognition and I decided that I will be teaching this to my kids as well while I am not yet a practicing teacher outside. This realization made me believe that knowing such strategies would absolutely help my kids to learn more effectively and that this learning will make them successful.

Third, higher level reflection is what we would generally call metacognition – Doing/completing an e-journal enhances my metacognitive skill. I believe that there is a huge benefit of knowing about this skill and its processes.

Fourth, the forum discussion enhances my metacognitive skills and appreciate more the subject. Through the forum I was able to get more ideas and thoughts about the topic. I was able to recognize what skill I was using when I am doing a certain task, I was able to point out the strategies and think of other strategies that can assist me completing a task more efficiently.

Finally, the major purposes of the topic are to help me develop my metacognitive skills and apply the strategies not only in a distance education but in real life situation. I say, without any hesitation, that this topic really helps me a lot. I became more  consciously aware of strategies and how they work, I will not only be able to use these principles to teach others more effectively, but I  will also be able to use them to monitor and improve my own thinking and decisions in my life.

2. Self-regulation

Indeed, a term that has been repeatedly heard in school and after reading all the references that the net provided, I was able to learn more about it. I agree that allowing students to take a more active role in their education puts students in the driver’s seat and in charge. An example that immediately comes to my mind is learning through application. The “Facilitator Style” teaching is also a very good example of utilizing the self-regulation strategies.

Upon knowing that self-regulation skills can be taught, learned, and controlled, I searched more information about it and made a folder for this topic because I plan to use it in my entire study at UP and then apply the skill to my students.  I put into importance some of the self-regulation skills such as goal-setting, self-consequating, time management and organization, study and learning strategies, and test-taking strategies which I plan to read more about every skill and put them into practice. I am really grateful that I enrolled EDS 103, I became more aware/knowledgeable about the ‘learning to learn’ strategies and skills. Having the knowledge on managing one’s own motivation towards learning, being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses as a learner, such as by developing self-assessment skills, and being able to set and monitor goals assist me in performing tasks more effectively and independently. Lastly, by studying more about self-regulated learning, I can develop more effective strategies in helping my students to develop this important skill.


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