When I was in my elementary and high school days, I was very much alive and enthusiastic in almost all the things that I did. I was able to enjoy the simple things that I encounter especially during class hours on recitations and exams. I ws able to comprehend the topic easily from reading the textbook or by listening to my teacher’s explanation. I was indeed very motivated to be at my best at that time to the fact that I was very satisfied with all the results of my quizzes, unit tests, periodical exams. I absolutely valued the results of these evaluations and I believe that these were the things that motivated me that time. I really appreciated these accomplishments and felt so happy! I consider myself as an intrinsically motivated person that time because I had the desire to study because it was enjoyable. I enjoyed learning because I know it’s the right thing to do as a student, as a daughter and as a responsible citizen to my country and I know what it takes to be a learned individual. Challenging works for me were the things that completely made my school days meaningful.

After reading the module, I was able to come up some strategies that I think I can contribute in helping my students to become motivated:
1. I’ll promote self-motivation to my students by keeping them to have a positive attitude. I believe that there’s is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude.
2. I’ll have realistic, positive expectations to my students.
3. I’ll focus to their academic success, rather than on their failures to boost their confidence.
4. I’ll set clear goals for them.


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