When I was still studying in college, I always took down notes important details during the class discussion. Aside from that, I will read the lesson unit and will make a summary of the lesson. I read it aloud and put it into memory. I apply this to all my subjects and it’s really effective because I was able to recall important facts/details during a class oral participation or examinations. I always got an excellent result using this strategy. I know that I have learned when I had realized the application of a certain lesson in real life situation.

Nature-nurture debate

I had known lot of people who are a product of a well-educated and brainy families so I believe that intelligence can be inherited. On the other hand, I also believe that intelligence can be developed. With all the readings that I had, I believe intelligence can be inherited or developed.

Intelligence is inherited

1. When I was in my elementary days (5th grade), I had a classmate who was really good in our class in all academic subjects. She really had the ability to understand a specific lesson in an easier or faster way. She was able to explain to us a certain mathematics formula without an explanation from a teacher. She was really a brilliant girl that she made us all amazed every time she top the class. She almost had a perfect score in every unit test that we took.During the recognition day, we were able to discover that her mother was a dentist and her father was an engineer. Her parents graduated with honors. Another thing, her grandmother was a retired teacher and the grandfather was a former columnist in a local newspaper.
2. I experienced a standing ovation crowd when I was in my freshman year in college. I was able to had an opportunity to witness an amazing class discussion between our history instructor and my classmate. Her name was called by the instructor and asked to recite about the history of the Philippines. He answered that there’s a lot about the history of the Philippines but the professor said that just tell me what he knew about our history. My classmate looked at us and smiled and seemed that he was not able answer what the instructor had asked him. He was able to advised that he’ll get 0 in his oral participation if he cannot answer. After a minute, he started to begin from the discovery of the Philippines, our ancestors, the presidents, the wars, the important dates, etc. We were able to discover that her mother was a doctor and her father was a freelance writer. His parents graduated with high grades. His siblings were all scholars in a private university that took up Engineering course.

The weaknesses of standardized tests

The Binet-Stanford test has a heavy reliance on verbal tests and the uneven distribution of test items for various intellectual abilities, therefore it is difficult to gain a firm understanding of an individual’s particular intellectual strengths and weaknesses.
Additionally, standardized exams offer few opportunities to display the attributes of higher-order thinking, such as analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and creativity. Higher order thinking is encouraged and revealed by in-depth and extended work, not by one-shot tests.

In a high quality education, students conduct science experiments, sole real-world math problems, write research papers, read novels and stories and analyze them, make oral presentations, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of fields, and apply their learning to new and ill-defined situations. Standardized tests are poor tools for evaluating these important kinds of learning. If instruction focuses on the test, students will not learn these skills, which are needed for success in college and often in life.

Intelligence is the way you do/solve/act things creatively and wisely in real world situations that proves how good you are.


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