Models and Mentors in My Life

Role Models and Mentors

Their Contributions

My Parents

They taught me to be humble and respect others at all times. I never heard of any single instance that they intentionally announced whatever achievements they had in life.

They  are open to change and respect others opinion although this is in contrast with their own  ideas.

My college friends

They have been a great influence to me because I was able to adapt their enthusiasm and positivity.

My husband

I became more patient and God fearing. He thought me how to deal with different situations.

Jesus Christ

He is my ultimate inspiration.



The Type of Role Model I Want to Be for My Students.    
1. I want to be a person who inspires and encourages my students to strive for greatness, live to the fullest potential and see the best in themselves.
2. I want to be a role model of commitment to excellence.
3. I want to set good examples by the words I speak and by the actions I take.
4. I want to encourage an open and trusting learning environment.
5. I want to foster critical thinking and emphasize teamwork in the class.


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