Until now, I am so excited to write about a childhood memory that keeps me smiling everytime that I’m thinking of it.

It felt so good when you got a perfect score but how about the opposite of it especially if it was the first time that I got nothing in a short quiz.

In a class of 35, I was only the student who scored the lowest. This happened when I was in elementary days. I was not really good in Math and had no interest in doing an extra effort to be able to understand a certain topic in Arithmetic. One of my classmates offered a help for tutorial but I declined because I knew what I was capable of and I didn’t want him to explain some formulas repeatedly which I hardly understand. At that moment, I made a conclusion that number (Math) topics were not for me to focus. Good thing that I luckily passed the subject because my parents enrolled me in a Saturday tutorial Math Program for those who were candidates for failure (in Math).

The lesson for this childhood memory was to be able to do an extra effort to learn something beneficial. Time is gold as they say and I completely realized the significance of doing something as early as possible for improvement. If I did an extra effort to understand my Math subject, I think I would have a lesser time to focus much with that subject when I was in college. My time has been spent so much to my Math subject and that other subjects were compromised.


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