I still remember the first day that I went to school. It was very memorable. My mother accompanied me to school and she’s the one who held my bag. The school was only 200 meters away from our house and we went to school on foot. The school was only a very small building with 5 rooms. In my first day, I met new friends and they became my daily playmates after academic hours. One thing that was really significant for me was my prep teacher. She was really neat, beautiful and very cheerful. She greeted us with a smile and spoke with us in a very soft voice. She had a golden voice and used it to get our voice by singing a nursery song. She definitely had the passion to teach because however noisy we were, she was able to control her anger. She explained the phonics, letter of the alphabet, shapes, numbers, clearly and had the patience to teach my classmates when she saw that some topics might not clear to them. After 3 months, she left the school because she had to go with her husband in a different region. Then a teacher came to replace her and our classroom experience became completely a nightmare. From an angelic teacher to a horror/terror teacher. When I went home from school, I just love to remember the moments of my previous teacher’s teaching in our classroom. I was so motivated to go to school because of her, but this changed when a new teacher replaced her.

I graduated from elementary and high school and yet my first teacher’s way of teaching was still incomparable and the most effective among all teachers that I’ve been. I say this because she’s the teacher, who without any inspirational statement from her, became my inspiration and my motivation to study. I gave her my full respect because her way of teaching to us really made me aware that I have to act nicely and teach with a heart to motivate students.

This is the memory that I think gives me a very positive impact to education and serves as my model to become a teacher by heart and in deed.


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