Self regulated learning (SRL)is the topic that I think very beneficial in my future teaching online/offline and as a student online. Understanding self regulated learning is beneficial because this will lead me to become more self-disciplined and self-monitoring as a student online. This keeps me on focus in monitoring my progress.

Upon learning the components of self regulation, I was able to learn more about metacognition and motivation in the academic aspect. I realized that this facilitates me in completing my task in OU. Through SRL, I was able to apply strategies and this helps me monitor my distance learning like using calendars, self-imposed deadlines, printing out and marking up instructional materials, note taking, keeping records of completed assignments. Moreover, these strategies improved my online presence in distance learning like daily logons on the course Web site, drawing on other students’ posts as models, composing posts offline and then copying and pasting into the online forum.

I believe that I will be a successful online students by using self regulation strategies. The concept of self regulation really helped to enhance my learning online.

As a future teacher in a classroom setting, I will teach these strategies to my students in order for them to achieve academic success. I will help students develop skills, attitudes and beliefs that support self-regulation of the learning process. I will give more responsibility to the student. Make them want to take hold of the new style of learning and be successful. In this way, students will find personal meaning in what they are studying. I will show and teach them on how to be self regulated. I know that when students are taught to use themselves as the ultimate learning tool then they can achieve great things. Self-regulated, independent learners take responsibility for what they learn and how far they can go with this knowledge. These skills will have to be built on the processes and basic knowledge of learning. Once established, the student can work effectively and successfully. 


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